Authors, Poets, and Storytellers: Lend us your pens!

 Well, perhaps not your pens, exactly.

What we (The Gallion) really want from you is your creative writing.

What kind of writing, you ask? Is your finger on the PULSE?

Have you BEAN itching to aMAIZE us with your CORNtribution to creative writing?

OK then, here it is:

The theme for our next volume is “The Rise of the Vegan and other Tails of Rebellion”.

What you make of that is up to you – the writer.

Have fun, it doesn’t have to be all about the tofu! Or joining the Rebel Alliance!

Write in any genre you choose.

You are welcome to take a stand against the System by submitting material written in English in either short story or poetry form, or even both, if you like.

(See guidelines below.)

As long as no animals are hurt in the writing, we’ll be fine with it.

We promise.

No PUNishment.

Submission Guidelines:

Deadline for submission: Midnight, 29th Feb 2020.
• A short story, up to 3000 words.
• 150 lines or fewer of poetry
• Email your piece to The Gallion team –
• Include: ‘Submission’ then your name and piece title in the subject of the email
• Include pen names/pseudonyms in your submission email (if applicable)
Acceptable File Types & Format:
• Microsoft Word
• Font type: Arial
• Font Size: 12
• Double spaced
• Numbered pages
• Prose Titles: top-centre of first page
• Poetry titles: as you wish them to be presented

Submission Deadline:
Before Midnight, Saturday: 29th February, 2020

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