Emotion in the Time of Covid – Submission Calls!

Perspective is everything.

Are you trapped and alone or free and understood? From zoom calls to doorstep visits, the world we once knew has changed drastically. As we come to terms with the ‘new normal’, let’s consider the highs and lows of quarantine in the best way we know how – by being creative. In the seventh volume of The Gallion: An Anthology of Short Stories and Poems. we present the latest instalment of provocative, insightful writing as we focus on: Emotion in the Time of Covid.

A collection of poetry and short stories that explores the emotions experienced globally during the pandemic, we dive into the turbulence the pandemic has caused as several writers express their experiences with physical, mental, and emotional hardships as well as the personal growth, transformative transitions and positive reinforcements endured in these uncertain times. All we need now is you.

We are looking for poems at 80 lines and short stories at 2500 words. Writers of all different skill levels are here working together to make their voices heard through the themes of loneliness, community, self-reflection, change and adaptability. Submissions are due by: May 7th, 2021 by 3pm. Please ensure your piece is double-spaced, size 12 and typed in Arial. Please submit to: uelthegallion@gmail.com

 The hope is that each reader will find a story that they can relate to, that can uplift them and provide an optimistic perspective that also echoes and validates their own experience. This is an opportunity for personal self-advancement and discovery as we venture into the human mind on a journey of discovery, empathy, and healing from Emotion in the Time of Covid.

Submission Guidelines:

Deadline for submission: 3pm , 7th May 2021.
• A short story, up to 2500 words.
• 80 lines of poetry
• Email your piece to The Gallion team – uelthegallion@gmail.com
• Include: ‘Submission’ then your name and piece title in the subject of the email
• Include pen names/pseudonyms in your submission email (if applicable)
Acceptable File Types & Format:
• Microsoft Word
• Font type: Arial
• Font Size: 12
• Double spaced
• Numbered pages
• Prose Titles: top-centre of first page
• Poetry titles: as you wish them to be presented

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