Calling all writers:

The Gallion – and perhaps even the galaxy – needs you!

Has it been a dream of yours to have your work published, with the chance to win a prize celebrating your creative talents?

If so, then The Gallion could be the perfect place to begin your literary adventures!

This year’s quest – should you choose to embark upon it! – is to submit a piece of poetry or prose in the genres of Fantasy and Science-Fiction.
You can explore any themes, tell any story, or recount any adventure, so long as it falls within the fantastical elements of one, or both, of these two diverse genres.

Can you create dystopian worlds with terrifying consequences, twisted plots and hideous monsters?
(Not all submissions have to be about post-Brexit Britain or Trump’s America…)
Produce poetry that inspires awe with epic tales?
Explore the expanse of history, or the eons yet to come?

If yes, then enter our competition for your chance to be published in The Gallion Anthology, Volume 5 (2019)

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Submission Guidelines:

1. 3000 words or fewer for a short-story
2. 150 lines or fewer of poetry

How to enter:

1. Email your piece to The Gallion team –
2. Include: ‘Submission’ then your name and piece title in the subject of the email
3. Include pen names/pseudonyms in your submission email (if applicable)

Acceptable File Types & Format:

1. Microsoft Word
2. Font type: Arial, Courier, New Times Roman, Calibri
3. Font Size: 12
4. Prose Titles: top-centre of first page
5. Poetry titles: as you wish them to be presented
6. Double spaced
7. Numbered pages

Submission Deadline:
Monday March 25th, 2019

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